WTH?! Very Sad To Say We Are Used To This in California

Well, 5:00 PM has come and gone...….

              It's quite clear that California politicians have nothing but disdain and a lack of any form of respect for their tax paying, law abiding citizens. Their level of hypocrisy is staggering and shameful. Thoughts & fervent prayers for America and California. Please don't get discouraged.

        I meet so many wonderful people in the store who love America and what she stands for. And that includes their children. Young people like our kids who are responsible, honorable, clear thinking, hard working young men and women. They give me hope for the future of America, and even California!     

Richard, Kevin & I believe that "We The People" will prevail eventually. Never stop fighting for our country. For now, we hope you got some cool stuff and have fun! More to follow. Keep safe. 

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