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Warm greetings to all our loyal customers, family members, friends! We hope today finds you all safe and well, and enjoying the nice weather! I have said it before, and will emphasize again; There seems to be no level to which some politicians and many in the media may won't sink to.

       1) Owning a gun but saying teachers should not be armed.

       2) Saying "some people did something" while advocating for a religion which supports beheading, burning people alive, so called honor killings, slavery, jihad and oppression of women.

       3) Pushing a political agenda reported to cost in excess of one hundred trillion dollars of hard working peoples money and allowing murderers, rapists and terrorists to vote while there victims can not. 

       4) Vilifying a man who gave up his lifetime of work building a fortune for himself and his loved ones, to serve the country he loves, we love, with hard work, sacrifice and honor.

       5) Wanting an investigation into why California gasoline prices are so high, when the repeal the gas tax bill was worded fraudulently on a ballot, and supporting those already overtaxed, an essentially government embezzlement of hard working citizens earnings. Really??!     

        I am sometimes discouraged by the blatant hypocrisy, sloppy, lazy attention to detail presented as journalism and a vehement disdain for someone who disagrees with your position. People seem to believe we are deserving of the worst type of unreasonable vitriol. Why can't we have a reasonable conversation, disagree and still treat each other with respect?!

       Well, I am here to tell you, we can. And we challenge those of you who believe the numbers above make sense, to do the same. Justify your position if you can. However, do it with respect instead of hate and be willing to hear the other side while showing respect. That is America. And this is America. It's not some other country somewhere else where people are oppressed, maligned, murdered by people and places where freedom doesn't reign.

       Remember you came here for what this great nation offers. It's not broke, we don't need to fix it. We just need a little more reasonableness and respect please and thank you?!

       We feel so fortunate to meet so many of you in the store who are like minded responsible, hard-working citizens. As my oldest Son is overseas serving our country, I am especially grateful for the young people and their intelligent views, patriotic spirit and belief in the United States of America. To see they genuinely believe in all the good America stands for. It gives me hope not just for our country, but even for California!

      In the meantime, enjoy the memes, "Keep your eyes down range, check your six and stay safe." 

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