Buying your First Handgun

When you're looking to buy your first handgun you want to make sure you get the right one. Here at Calaboose II we care about getting you the firearm that suits you best, we offer a welcoming environment in which to ask questions and learn.

Lets go over the three P's

1. Purpose

2. Performance

3. Price


Why are you buying the handgun? Is it for self defense, plinking, or are you interested in marksmanship?These questions and more are something we'll go over in the store.


What attributes are you most interested in? do you want something that is lightweight for concealed carry? Perhaps you want something loud and intimidating for home defense? Often times people don't know what they need because they don't know what questions to ask, this is where we come in.


This is less of a determinate with Calaboose II because we only stock weapons we would use ourselves. We carry products in every price point and will be happy to show you something that will meet all you needs.

We can hit all of this in detail when you stop by your local Carmichael Gun Shop, Calaboose II. Thank you for your business.

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