Anticipated Store Improvements, New Photographs & A Gun Show!

Although we are what's commonly referred to in America as a "small business," we do always look for ways to make improvements and create a positive environment to your customer service experience! With that in mind, please keep checking back for some exciting things we will have happening here over the next several weeks, which we genuinely believe will be a benefit to you, our customers, family members, friends!

      This upcoming weekend, Richard and the traveling Calaboose II will be at the McClellan Gun Expo from Mountain Aire Promotions on Saturday, April 27th & Sunday, April 28th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM both days. Admission is $10.00 and parking is free. If you are 18 or younger and coming with your family, admission is free.

If you make a firearms purchase from Richard at the show, he will deduct your $10.00 admission fee from your total purchase. The event is located at the McClellan Conference Center located at 5411 Luce Avenue in McClellan Park, California 95652. 

       I'd like to share a few of our new photographs here. As I do, I want to say thank you very much to Sydney Buchanan of Sydney Cora Photography on Instagram as sydneycoraphotography. Sydney was in the store a week ago Friday and took some wonderful photographs we are honored to share. As you can see, she has a great photographers imaginative eye! Thank you Sydney.             

        On behalf of Richard, Kevin, Jet, Rocket & I, we thank you for your continued patronage and support, in all things 2nd Amendment. We value all of you and look forward to seeing you at the gun shows and here in the store as we interact with "We The People!"

       Keep your eyes downrange, check you six and stay safe.   

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